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Everything in One Simple Plan

We love restaurants!

Lets pull together and strengthen our industry. Here @ Goji we want everyone to know how much we care. In response to Covid-19 we’re going to waive our software fees for 90 days with zero setup fees. We also understand that things are tough for everyone.

So, if you are still offering take-out, optimize this opportunity by giving your customers an option to order from a kiosk during our time of social distancing.

If you are low on staff GojiKiosks can offer a great option to continue to offer fast service to your customers while saving you money which is especially important now.

Additionally, GojiKiosk can reduce the opportunity for hand to hand exchange of cash and cards to spread germs. We want everyone to be safe and healthy. So In order to take advantage of the benefits of kiosks we’re making GojiKiosk more accessible to everyone with a very special offer that includes everything: hardware, software, and support.

One Simple Plan

Support | Hardware | Software

Get Started ONLY


Month / Kiosk

Software Costs ($99) are waived for 90 days.

*conditions apply


World Class Technical Support
24/7 Remote Support and Assistance
24/7 E-mail Support and Assistance
24/7 Phone Support and Assistance
Included Menu Configuration
Included Menu Training


Included Commercial Kiosk Computer
Included Thermal Receipt Printer
Included Credit Card Swiper (EMV & NFC Certified)
Included Mounting solution (Countertop, Floorstand, Wallmount)


Unlimited Software Upgrades
Multi-Store Management
Enterprise Cloud Hosted
High Availability Cloud Infrastructure
Integrated Credit Card Processing
Complete Point of Sale Integration

Volume Pricing

Antimicrobial Kiosk

Today health and safety is more important than ever.

GojiGlass is designed to kill, dismantle, denature, inactivate, and inhibit the growth and spread of microbes, bacteria, germs, and pathogens. The powerful antimicrobial properties of GojiGlass can help protect customers and prevent the spread of pathogens when they order on Goji kiosk.




Hardware Details



Frequently Asked Questions

Why is there only one plan?

With One Simple Plan we’re able to deliver incredible value at an affordable price. It includes all your hardware, software, and support for a complete kiosk solution. Simplicity is fundamental to delivering the best experience possible. We want to make it simple to get the right solution. One Simple Plan gives both large and small organizations the ability to quickly and easily scale and manage costs.

Does GojiKiosk come with hardware enclosures?
Yes. Our One Simple Plan includes everything you need. No additional hardware costs. Pick any enclosure that suits your needs. Mix and match. Countertop, Floorstand, Wallmount.
Are there any upfront or one-time costs?
Upfront or one-time costs are typically associated with physical installation and shipping. Physical installation includes but is not limited to services such as running power and network wiring, cutting, drilling, mounting, building, and installing hardware. Shipping includes costs whenever something is shipped to or from your location. Generally speaking these are the only costs you will be responsible for outside of your One Simple Plan.
*What are the conditions that apply?

The conditions are generally associated with credit and credit approval as Goji in partnership with our financing partner will be financing the entire cost of all hardware. Common financing conditions are applicable.  Financing is currently only available in the United States.

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