Problems with Self Ordering Kiosk technologies

There are so many great reasons for a business to adopt Self Ordering Kiosk systems. Unfortunately, these types of technologies come with their own challenges. In this article we’re going to talk about some of those challenges.

POS Integration

Finding the right self ordering kiosk solution that fits your technology ecosystem can sometimes be a challenge. There are several kiosk solutions that are available, but many of them may not integrate with your existing point of sale system. If you’re fortunate that they integrate with your point of sale, there’s a chance they don’t integrate with your loyalty platform. If they happen to integrate with both point of sale and loyalty, there is a chance that there might be a integration gap between the credit card and gift card processing.


Amazingly if the kiosk solution checks off all the pieces of the puzzle, we’ll have to dive deeper into the integration with the point of sale. There is a good chance that it’s a one way integration and the integration isn’t deep enough. What this means is that the integration requires your IT staff to manage two different menus, POS and Kiosk menus. This also means that the data between the kiosk and POS are fragmented. Often the customer order history between your Point of sale and the self order kiosk systems are not synced up so there can be a disconnect with customer profile data.

Customer Adoption

No matter how amazing kiosk technology is and how great the integrations are if customers don’t use the Self Ordering kiosks, they drastically lose their value. A huge problem that I’ve seen in this industry is that most of the self ordering kiosks are designed and geared towards millennials. This design mentality causes a huge gap in adoption with the older generation. When you have almost half of your customer demographics that will have a harder time adopting self ordering kiosks, it makes your self ordering kiosks lose half of their value. You’ll still need staff to operate the point of sale for your older demographics, that just weakens the value proposition for self order kiosks. It also limits the ability for businesses to capture additional revenue and data that self order kiosks can provide.

Business Adoption

Where’s the value? This is the big question that businesses want to know. Some see it, some don’t. Without hard numbers and case studies to back the use of self ordering kiosks as a huge value add to businesses many businesses are going to approach self ordering kiosk adoption with one toe in the water. This is without good reason. I’d expect this sort of behavior. Some of the reasons we’ve talked about are already issues that are causing businesses to be a mixed bag when it comes to self ordering kiosks.


Because it’s not crystal clear to them on the value that self ordering kiosks bring to businesses it’s not always easy to justify the cost and investment in adopting self ordering kiosk systems.

Goji Kiosk Self Order Kiosk
Maintenance & Cost

Traditionally Self Ordering Kiosks have a very high initial cost in terms of time, installation, price, and setup. This is definitely one of the largest reasons why self order kiosk adoption has been slow up until recently. Even now these problems have not disappeared. It’s no simple task to setup, install and maintain self order kiosks.

For businesses that have never done this before. They will have to hire professional food photographers. They will have to build out the menu on their self order kiosk. They will also need to plan out the logistics, cost, and floor/counter space for self order kiosks. Most of which none of the original business model was designed for.

Our answer to many of these problems is GojiKiosk. GojiKiosk is a self ordering kiosk solution that was designed to address the most common issues with adopting kiosks.


Goji Kiosk Self Order Kiosk

GojiKiosk is made with the latest kiosk hardware and technology available today. Your business can maximize your ROI for your initial investment for self order kiosks. A standard GojiKiosk setup is a fraction of the cost of a proprietary self order kiosks of equal capability, durability, and power. Goji’s advanced hardware is specifically designed for self order kiosk. Goji’s self order kiosks are water resistant in a sealed environment, built within an all stainless steel frame, comes with a stainless steel cover for wires, has no external power button.

GojiKiosk was developed for businesses to have the power of customized software but they don’t have to custom develop a single line of code themselves. Restaurants can budget for more important things related to growing a restaurant rather than building a huge IT and development budget.

GojiKiosk has the some of lowest upfront costs for enterprise grade self order kiosk in the industry. This is accomplished through Goji’s unique One Simple Plan. Hardware, Software, and Service all rolled up in “One Simple Plan”.


GojiKiosk has designed a platform using cutting-edge technologies to make maintenance, repairs, upgrades, security, and upkeep super simple. Goji’s equipment requires very low maintenance and is rated to run 24/7/365 for a minimum of 5 years which translates to a very low TCO (total cost of ownership). With GojiKiosk upgrades are seamless. There is no software is required to be installed. GojiKiosk can pull menu changes and software upgrades directly from the cloud automatically. GojiKiosk is designed with security from at every layer. Goji’s self order kiosk has Credit Card processing which is 100% out of scope. This means businesses have zero liability with PCI compliance and data breaches. GojiKiosk runs on a unique operating system that is virtually impenetrable to viral infection, every single process is encrypted and sandboxed. GojiKiosk’s software is not possible to exit the kiosk mode locally. All of these features boil down to secure, simple and easy for owners and customers.

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