Making the Most of Self Ordering Kiosks


Self ordering kiosks can certainly deliver many benefits. However it’s important to remember self order kiosks are just a tool. If you really want to make the most of your self ordering kiosks, you’ll need to make sure you utilize this tool in the best way possible. Making an impact is more involved than just installing self ordering kiosk technology in your store. Your approach, method, and utilization should be targeted and deliberate. Let’s take a deep dive into what that entails.



It’s critical to understand the kind of demographics you’re trying to cater to with self ordering kiosks. Most people assume that the key target would be millenials. However in order to maximize the benefit and impact of your self order kiosks you should look to include everyone. Including everyone would increase your overall percentage of adoption which inevitably means increase the percentage of benefit you and your customers will experience.

Technology is powerful because it can improve people’s lives. On key way self order kiosks can improve people’s lives is by improving accessibility. Accessibility is one of the most powerful things self order kiosks can provide, especially to those who didn’t have access before. What am I talking about?


Self Order technologies will allow people with special needs such as hearing impairment, speech impediment, or any other communication difficulties to be able to come and order without frustration or embarrassment. This same principle applies to foreign visitors or people who may not have the strongest command of the native tongue and for the same reasons would probably experience frustration or embarrassment. Self order kiosks can alleviate a poor experience and attract people who may not normally prefer to come into the store.


Self ordering technologies will not only help gap the communication barrier, but they can also help with catering to other needs that the industry is still having trouble with. There are so many people with special dietary preferences that there are restaurants that have built an entire business around catering to those needs. Catering to allergies, dietary needs, dietary restrictions, and personal dietary preferences is a major challenge that self order kiosks can do easily, elegantly, and so cost effectively. Self ordering kiosk can help attract those who may never consider your establishment because it’s too hard to find something that caters to their needs.


Lastly, in terms of demographics it’s critical to cater to the older generations of people who have an aversion and would hesitate to use self order kiosks. Millenials will naturally use and adopt self ordering kiosks, but the older generations will take more time doing so. Creating a self ordering environment that is friendlier for the older generation will increase your adoption rates overall and minimize the need for a cashier.

Pictures are your best assets


If you want to increase your sales and satisfaction you should definitely make sure to show off your menu like it’s a superstar. Your menu is the life blood of your restaurant. This is why self ordering kiosks are so important. Self ordering kiosks can do a better job of presenting your menu in a way no other technology or person in your store is able to. One major factor in the success of your self ordering kiosks are all about how you portray your menu. Delivering a beautiful, simple, and elegant menu experience is key element to the growth of your restaurant.


A picture is worth a thousand words. This could be no truer with self order kiosks. Your pictures should be amazing, look beautiful, colorful, and present your menu in a way that will create an expectation of how delicious and wonderful your menu is. I can’t overstate how important it is to get pictures that are professionally taken, edited, and choreographed.

Exceptional Customer Service


Improving your customer experience should be at the center of your self order kiosk initiative. I’d go as far as saying that customer service shouldn’t just be improved, but it should be exceptional and memorable. These days someone’s experience is going to be a make or break reason for businesses. Those businesses that are able to deliver a better experience will experience the greatest growth.


How can self ordering kiosks help deliver an exceptional customer service experience? I think the first way is with resource allocation. You can leverage the human resources that will no longer being used for taking orders and use your talented workforce to do less mundane and more proactive customer service activities. People should be doing what people are best for, human interaction. Even helping someone use the self order kiosk is an option, but the key is to use people to help people and serve people.


Everyone wants to have a smooth and memorable experience. This is what will translate into a good experience. Technology is only great if it delivers a smoother, easier, faster, and convenient experience. Make sure your self order kiosk can deliver an experience that is smooth, easy, and fast. Simple is better. Less is more is the truth when its comes to great experiences. Simplify your ordering process and workflow.




Focus your self order kiosk initiative to target a wider demographic audience for your business. Having a business that is friendlier to a wider range of people will certainly help growth. Make sure that your self order kiosk is designed to present your business in the best way possible. Technology is only great if it makes a beneficial impact on both the business and the customer. The heart of self order kiosks should always be customer service. Deliver amazing and memorable customer experiences by re-allocating your personnel to help customers and deliver better service. All of this can be possible if you use your self order kiosks to their maximum potential and take advantage of that self ordering technology has to offer.

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